"The Almost Engineer" Explanation

You probably are wondering how did I come up with The Almost Engineer name. I work (and according to some live in) in the engineering-related field of Computer Science, have great problem solving skills, and enjoys fixing things instead of paying someone else to do it for me. However, I have a Business degree from the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) instead of an engineering degree, thus almost being an engineer.

Programmer in IT (Information Technology)

My day job is working as a programmer and I have years of experience in building web based applications and providing software support. When you create or maintain software for a living, often times you will reuse the same code over in multiple projects. By using a blog, you can search for that code snippet and copy and paste it in. In addition, it assists other developers with their coding projects, as it may be exactly what they are looking for.

Why Does Kenny Blog?

I have been been blogging about gardening, technology experiences, about life, and mishaps for several reasons:

  • you learn from your past mistakes
  • others can learn from your mistakes before they make them
  • you will forget what you previously did, but a quick search of the blog will provide the refresher that you need to keep going
  • it provides a way to share thoughts
  • provides a place for project documentation

Blog Technology

Originally, I started blogging on Blogger in 2010. After several years of a having the blog there, the blog was converted to Drupal 7. At the time of this switch, I was using Drupal 7 on a number of websites that I was building and maintaining. So it made sense to use it for personal use.

In 2019, I converted the blog again from Drupal 7 over to MkDocs. The reason for this conversion was because I found myself spending more time performing maintenance updates than writing content. I outline this more in my post on switching from Drupal to MkDocs.


I offer custom software solutions and handyman work through my business Robinson Handy and Technology Services. To make an appointment or discuss business, please visit the website.

Blogs I Read

In addition to writing here, I also reads the blogs of others. Before you ask, they do not provide any kickbacks or monetary support for me listing links to their blog. Tech related blogs and resources can be found on the Resources page.

Have Questions

Have a question, comment, or just want to say hi? Reach out to me by visiting the contact page.


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